Do I have to switch to Gutenberg when WordPress 5.0 is released?

Not at all. When it’s released, you get to choose what happens. You can install the Classic Editor plugin today and when 5.0 is released, nothing will change. We’ve commited to supporting and updating Classic Editor until 2022. If you’d like to install Gutenberg early, you can do that now too. The Classic Editor plugin has been available for 13 months now, and Gutenberg has been available for 18 months. Both have been heavily promoted since August 2018, and more than 1.3 million .org sites have opted-in already to either experience, so nothing will change for them when they update to 5.0.

Migrattion Bootstrap 3 to bootstrap 4

Migrating to BS V4

Class changes in bootstrap 4 from bootstrap 3

The most changes in class of  bootstrap 4 are summarized below:

Bootstrap 3Bootstrap 4
.list-inline > li.list-inline-item
.dropdown-menu > li.dropdown-item
.nav navbar > li.nav-item
.nav navbar > li > a.nav-link
.pagination >
.pagination > li >

Other Migration

In addition to the classes change and updates above, the following class names also need to be changed if you’re migrating from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4.

Bootstrap 3Bootstrap 4
< blockquote >.blockquote
.nav>li>a.nav / .nav-item


Sublime Text 3 and Live Reload with Auto Saving Features

How to use Sublime text 3 as live-server

    1. First you must installed sublime text 3 and node js to use sublime text as a live-server.
    2. Download Live Reload Plugin by opening Ctrl+shift+p on windows then type package control to install package control.
    3. type install package to install some package.
    4. type live reload to download and install live reload plugin.
    5.  configure Live Reload package setting at Preferences > Package Settings > Live Reload > Plugin > Enable it.
    6. in your Html CSS file git bash here.
    7. type

npn install -g live-server


now your changes would be saved automatically in browser as you type in your sublime text.


Getting Started with W3 CSS Framework??

Why W3 CSS Framework?

W3 CSS is a new CSS framework with in-built  responsiveness characteristics:

  1. Small in size and very fast to develop CSS templates compared to other design frameworks.
  2. Short Learning curve and easy to start the project.
  3. Amazing browser compatibility support.
  4. It doesn’t comes with jQuery and JavaScript Library. So your free to use any JS library.
  5. Default support for mobile friendly design.
  6. Homogeneous CSS implementation throughout all  browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Edge, IE, Safari, Opera etc.
  7. Homogeneous CSS for all platforms: Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, and Mobile.
  8.  Simplifies and speeds up web development.